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We often get asked the question, how do you order prescription glasses online? The process is very straightforward and here we will explain the simple steps that you need to follow to order your prescription glasses online.

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Step by step guide to order glasses online:

  1. The first step is to choose which glasses you like from our range. More often than not this is actually the hardest step! If you need style advice you can message our style team on social media. They will help you choose the perfect glasses to suit your face shape and size. 
  2. Next, you add the glasses to your basket. At this point we will ask you if you want prescription or non prescription glasses. If you pick prescription glasses, we will ask you to select if you need them for reading or for distance. 
  3. Don’t worry about having your prescription to hand. You can send us your prescription at any time after placing your order. 
  4. To get your prescription you can phone or email your optician who will provide you with a copy. Once you have this you can email it to us, send it to us on social media or upload it on the checkout page. Just make sure it's dated within the last 2 years.
  5. Our in house optician will review your prescription and will glaze your new specs in our lab. We use the highest quality lenses and top of the range glazing equipment to ensure your glasses are perfect. 
  6. Once the glasses are ready we package them up with your case and glasses cloth and send them straight to your door!
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Do you have a high prescription?

At Espy and Iris we cater for all prescription strengths and astigmatisms. For people with high strength prescriptions you can choose hi index thin lenses when checking out. These thin lenses are ideal for prescriptions +/-4.0 or higher and ensure your glasses look slim and feel lightweight. We are always on hand to advise which lenses to choose so feel free to contact us about this at any time via live chat, social media or email. 

The same process works for prescription sunglasses, prescription glasses and prescription blue light glasses.

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