The keys to choosing the perfect pair of glasses is to consider not only your face shape but also your coloring, face width & depth, interpupillary distance & facial features eg.nose length & eyebrow shape.


Face Shape

We’ll start with shape. It’s all about balance here and the general rule of thumb is to go opposite of your own face shape. When classifying face shape we generally refer to the shape of your face from below your eyes. Here are some of the main basic face shapes.

Oval If you have an oval shaped face count yourself lucky as most shapes of glasses will suit you as your face proportions are already very well balanced, but we would recommend avoiding oval shaped lenses. Ideally frames should be slightly wider than the widest part of your face (normally the area around the eyes) Have fun experimenting with the latest trends, try vintage cat eye for something different or thick square acetate rims. Check out EddieHankChrissiePegConnellFiadh

Round This face shape normally has full cheeks and round chin with few angles. This face shape benefits from frames that add angles as this gives the effect of making the face look longer and thinner, to achieve this look we recommend square or upswept shapes or angular/geometric shapes. Frames with a high joint or bold couloured sided would also work well here. Check out AishBethJamieConnellEddieArtMark

Square A square shaped face needs to be made less angular and also longer. To achieve this you might consider roundish or oval lens shape to balance the sharper angle of the face. Avoid chunky acetates and go for thin rimmed frames. Horizontal oval lens shapes also work well here. Stronger bolder colours work well instead of softer pastel shades. Rimless and semi-rimless are flattering options. Check out JoeyValentinoBlaineDaireGraceKittyMonicaMaxLuke

Heart The hallmark of a heart shaped face is when the forehead and cheekbones represent the widest point and the jawline tends to be slender and narrowing to a point. Here we are looking for a shape that will draw attention downwards to balance out the width of forehead and cheeks. Oval/Aviator & bottom heavy shapes are our favourite choice for a heart shaped face. Round shapes also look well here as they soften the angles of the face. Check out HarperConnellWinnieJoeyMaxTaylorBob

Oblong This face shape is longer than average and therefore frames with emphasis on the horizontal will work well to balance the length of the face. Frames with bold colours on the top rim work well, decorative temples & cat eye/upswept styles are good here too. Check out ArtKittyPegBobMarkWinnie

Hair Colour and Skin Tone

Finally we must consider the immediate surrounds of the frames, skin & hair colour. While choosing colour and patterns is largely influenced by personal taste, there are are some general rules of thumb that can help you make a decision.

Dark Brown/Black hair: If you have what is sometimes called ‘winter colouring’ ie strong contrast between skin, eye & hair colour  (often dark brown/black hair) then vibrant colours work best. Think burgundy, slate grey, dark brown, reddish to dull gold, Avoid pale or pastel colours

Red Hair: The best choice here is softened cool tones like olive, amber, orangey reds, golden brown, rust, beige copper and moss green & tortoiseshell.

Blonde: First you need to consider what kind of blonde hair is in question. If you have dark tones in your blonde hair i.e a warm blonde think tortoiseshell, beige, or dark brown. Those lighter blonde and fair complexion look best in gold, ivory, camel and golden brown.

Grey: You  have the opportunity to wear clean vibrant colours, these colours work best as they give you a clean contrast to your grey hair: red, blue & black are top choices here. Avoid yellowish brown or dull hues.



Top tip: Follow the brow!

Don’t underestimate the importance of the eyebrow line when choosing the perfect pair of glasses. The upper rim of the frame should follow the eyebrow line. The eyebrow should not appear within the lens aperture (with the exception of sunglasses which are often oversized). In fact the eyebrow line often trumps shape when it comes to finding the right pair of glasses, no matter what shape frame you choose it has a high chance of suiting you if it fits in with your brow. Essentially the frame should follow the shape of your brow but should be opposite in terms of thickness i.e pair thinner rimmed frames with thick eyebrows and vice versa.