Our Story

Espy & Iris was founded by 4 siblings from Cork with a fun spirit and a simple objective and this is our story.

This is an illustration of a woman wearing cat eye prescription glasses beside a man wearing round prescription glasses


Our Story – Espy & Iris was founded by a family from Cork with a fun spirit and a simple objective; to offer high quality on trend eyewear at amazing prices. Our founder is a practising optician therefore you can trust Espy & Iris to deliver a top quality dispensing service. Each order will be carefully checked and glazed by our in house optician.

We believe that glasses are the new fashion accessory, and if you love glasses like we do, then why not have a pair of glasses for everyday of the week. The Espy & Iris experience should leave you excited and looking good.

All our frames and lenses are designed and manufactured by the best labs in Europe & Asia. By cutting out the middleman and engaging with customers directly online, Espy & Iris are able to provide high quality, fashionable prescription eyewear at a fraction of the usual prices. We pass the savings on to you.


It really is that simple - great eyewear at great prices.

Why Choose Us?

Our Story – For years people have been paying too much for their prescription eyewear, Espy & Iris are here to disrupt the market and bring the savings to you. In addition to this, we care about your eyes. That’s why we offer prescription and non-prescription blue light blocking glasses at affordable prices. No more screen headaches in the evenings! Learn more about blue light glasses here.

In-house optician with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

Get a home trial to find the perfect pair(s) for you.

Fast, efficient delivery of prescription eyewear.

Great quality frames and lenses at amazing prices.

Not only do you get a great pair of glasses but your get a great case too.

A great returns policy.

Who We Are


Meet our in house optician Katie. She makes sure you get the highest quality service possible. With 15 years experience in the industry as a practicing optician Katie has a keen eye for detail, so rest assured your new frames are in safe hands. Question about eyes, frames, styles, sizes or prescriptions? Katie has you covered.


Meet Christine who is is our go to person for anything finance and logistics related. Christine has worked at the top levels of finance and accounting giving her the experience and knowledge to get the best quality frames at the best prices, bringing the savings directly to you. This coupled with her keen eye for style is a winning combination.


Lisa is a qualified pharmacist whose eye for detail and organisation skills are second to none. Above all she prides herself in providing high quality services to every customer, always dealing in a professional way and with a friendly smile. Lisa has been a glasses wearer for years therefore making her the perfect person to get you the frames you want when you want them.